Saturday, June 14, 2008

The coming of age of the crack baby

During the late eighties and the early nineties, the media was awash with stories about crack babies and the impact these developmentally impaired children would have on society as they grew up. A great deal of the talk was exaggerated and not based on any real evidence. As it turns out the problem was never really as big as it appeared at the time. It seems the human placenta does a pretty good job at protecting the new born fetus from its mother’s abuse. Research has shown that most of these children appear to learn normally as they mature.

However, when during that era exaggeration was the norm, the pendulum has swung and now the media does everything in its power to either downplay or ignore the issue. “Crack” babies do exist. They are not a myth. If their symptoms are due to more than crack, like some argue, it does not change the fact that certain individuals in our society were irreversibly brain damaged during their time in the womb. If this damage was caused, by alcohol, neglect, or a combination of other drugs besides crack cocaine, the fact remains, they are here and they are becoming adults at an alarming rate.

These individuals are impulsive, explosive, have no remorse, populate our jails, and are responsible for some of the most heinous crimes in recent history. Among some in society it is a foregone conclusion that just because children of abusive drug and alcohol addicted parents seem to learn somewhere in the normal range that somehow they are ‘okay’; after all it is not now and it has never been politically correct to ‘label’ children. But ability to learn has nothing to do with psychopathic or sociopathic behavior. In fact some of the worse antisocial personalities in history have tipped the high end of the IQ scale.

So what do we as a society do with a segment of our criminal population that no amount of confinement or punishment can ever stop from reoffending? Can we, in good conscience, release an individual back onto our streets that we know will make a victim out of some poor soul as soon as he gets the chance?

The solution to this problem is simpler than it appears. We know who these individuals are. A quick look at prison disciplinary records will make them stand out like clothing at a nudist camp. Until we possess the technology to fix whatever damage their brains incurred in childhood there’s no need to let them back out – ever. End of problem. Fuck their civil rights. Let’s worry about the civil rights of victims for a change.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Please don't feed the animals.

I don't know about you but a grizzly bear in my backyard would scare the shit out of me. If I thought there was a chance he could get at me…… Well, I would rather it went away on its own and didn't bother me, but if it decided to stay I would be thinking more along the lines of shooting it than feeding it.

That's just common sense.

Our prisons are filled to capacity with animals a great deal more dangerous than any silly little bear. For whatever reason, I have not been able to figure out, our government, in its infinite wisdom, instead of cutting these social rejects down to size, feeds them three nice nutritious meals a day, and then allows them to order more food from prison commissary. Add to that a well stocked weight room, medical care on demand, plenty of rest, and a steady supply of illegal steroids, and these animals grow to such proportions that Arnold next to them looks tiny.

It's just a matter of time before these animals are released one by one onto an unsuspecting public. We might never know about it either, because the poor woman that gets raped in the park right after, never has a chance to scream because this overgrown human misfit, with his new found strength and vigor gained in an overly generous prison system, would have snapped her neck before she could open her mouth to complain.

If we do not have the internal fortitude to punish these assholes like they deserve, punish them until we break their spirits and make them not want to ever commit another crime, we could at least not make them into better killing, raping machines.

I agree that turning them into concentration camp skeletons might be a little extreme, but there has to be a happy medium. We have all the technology in place to solve this problem. Many companies today are already set up for the manufacture of dog and cat food. Why not convert some of these and have them create a nice inmate kibble? A couple of tweaks to the dog formula is all it would take. We could serve it dry for dental health or add a little milk for better taste and consistency. Two cups a day and voila, no more prison created monsters.

But hey, what do I know?

Friday, June 6, 2008

Correcting the wind

The biggest misnomer in America today is 'corrections'. Every state has a supposed department of corrections where the only thing that gets 'corrected' is any chance that anyone caught in that system will ever be able to reintegrate himself into society. As a people, we love euphemisms because they help us hide from a truth we are too afraid, or too lazy to confront. So our criminals not longer go to prison, the hoosegow, the clink; they go to 'correctional facilities'. We lock them away and forget them, never really stopping to think 'what happens now?'.

Today's 'correctional facilities' have a lot more in common with our universities than they do with prison, or what we as a people mistakenly believe prison is. It costs on average about $50k a year to attend, depending on the particular campus, and after years of confinement attendees come out worse off that they came in, unable to get or hold a job, dead broke and full of antisocial ideas. The only real difference is that in college students are filled with theoretical knowledge that usually has no real application in the real world, while in the other 'students' come out with hands on experience in a variety of subjects.

The graduates of a correctional facility come out having learned how to manipulate the justice system to their advantage. They learn how to better kill, maim, rape, steal and deal drugs. After all, on the streets, while committing crimes, these lowlifes never had to worry about a cop always looking over their shoulder. In jail not only do they learn how to be more adept social misfits, but they do so under the watchful eye of experienced correctional staff. By the time they get out of jail it becomes a simple thing to rob and kill an innocent person and then walk away, never really having to fear getting caught.

Correctional facilities correct nothing, they warehouse. In these vast institutions, survival of the fittest is a way of life. A newly admitted criminal, must, MUST, become an animal, if he is not one already, in order to survive or risk losing his life, or at the very least becoming someone else's sexual play toy. Some become so good at what they do, are so violent and bloody, and have so little conscience or remorse, that officers look on in dismay dreading the day this institutionally created psychopath will once again be back on the streets with the rest of us. And back on the street they will be, because no matter how bad their original crime, almost everyone, at some point in time, will be released onto an unsuspecting public.

If we truly want to solve our crime problem we must start in the jails. The way we deal with criminals behind bars must radically change. We must stop storing criminals together, let them run loose, and then expect them to on their own find their way to the light. The way must be shown to them, and it falls upon us to do the showing. First step in the right direction would be to bring back punishment. Bring it back with a vengeance. Regardless of what academic elitist bleeding heart retards would like us to believe, punishment works. Not only does it scare the shit out of most lowlife scum but it exacts some measure of retribution in the name of the original victims that landed the scumbags behind bars in the first place.

Let us have canings, whippings, electroshock, and good old fashion boot stompings. Let's bring back chain gangs, bread and water, and dark room month at a time solitary confinement. Some may call these things torture, I call them corrections.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Forcing us to show up naked.

I hate guns. I really do. I detest them. Not for what they are, or for what they can do, but for what they turn some 'people' into. You take your average cowardly lowlife misfit, put a gun in his hand, and suddenly this piece of human excrement turns into some sort of tough guy.

Now if our newly minted 'man' has some perceived, or even real, grievance against the world, he reaches into his waistband and out comes the artillery. Only the people he aims it at rarely deserve his wrath. It is the poor family eating at Burger King, or the kid trying to learn in the classroom, or the old lady shopping at the mall for a present, that ends up the ultimate target of this asshole.

I believe in reality, and I believe dealing with it as such. I hate needles, yet I hate being sick even more, therefore I understand the necessity for vaccinations. I get them. I also hate the cost of insurance, and the way we as a society are raped daily by the greed of corporate entities that love taking our premiums but when it comes time to payout they make us jump through hoops like circus poodles. But you know what, I buy insurance all the same, because I hate more the idea of my house burning down, the family car being wrecked, or one of my children becoming ill, and me like an idiot not being covered.

The problem with people that feel as I do about guns, is that their well-meaning solutions usually make the problem worse. Hiding from the fact that there are guns out there in the hands of bad guys is not going to stop the next malcontent from walking into a college classroom and indiscriminately opening fire, with plenty of time to take aim, while those waiting to die can do nothing but coward in their seats hoping and praying the maniac will skip them.

All gun control laws accomplish is to turn law abiding citizens into defenseless targets. Put a million gun laws on the books and I guarantee you, not one lowlife demented criminal will get rid of theirs. This is reality. It's not going to change just because we don't like the fact.

Let us then have common sense prevail, and allow those law abiding citizens among us, that like their insurance to have a trigger, carry it legally. Maybe next time some creep walks into a crowded restaurant, in a misguided attempt to settle his grievances against the world, instead of finding easy targets hiding under dinner tables he will be confronted with at least one well aimed barrel ready to carve an oversized bullet right through his worthless brain.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dealing with Chester

If the only purpose of a nuclear ballistic missile is to kill people and destroy things, and doing those things is clearly illegal in polite society, at least most of the time anyway, then we as a society have every right to limit who can and cannot have one. This is common sense and the constitution and its 'right to bear arms' be damned.

If a grown man can only gain sexual pleasure by molesting some defenseless little kid, we should not care if it is a sickness or not, if he had a tough childhood, if there's hope some counseling can help him, or what the twisted and unrecognizable eight amendment has to say.

We don't need scientific studies to tell us that as people we like what we like, period. That's it. There is no changing that fact. We all know at a very early age if we like blonds, brunettes, redheads, tall or short, the opposite sex, or our own. We may sometimes hide it from ourselves, but deep inside we always know. And those likes seldom change.

Once Chester has gotten it into his head that going for the cute eight year old is the thing to do, nothing nice we as a society can do will ever stop him. Even if outwardly Chester looks normal and acts normal and hasn't re-offended in twenty years, in the privacy of his bedroom he's putting himself to sleep every night thinking of your kindergartner naked on his lap. It is only a matter of time before he finds himself in a position to indulge himself in his secret desires at the expense of a young life ruined.

Since the only way Chester has of obtaining sexual satisfaction if by committing an illegal and deplorable act, as a society, we have the right to decide whether or not Chester should be allowed to keep the tools that make his descent into perversion and depravity not only possible, but inevitable. There need be no cruelty in the procedure. We strap him down to an operating table, sedate him, and have a competent surgeon remove his penis and testicles leaving him a tiny nub from which to urinate. No more Chester the molester.

And if afterward Chester still has the urge to molest and manages to actually do it, then simple, society has done all it can do, we wash our hands and -- off with his fucking head.